Xeotek Enterprise Data Platform

Xeotek Enterprise Data Platform (XEDP)

Your direct entry into the data-driven world of real-time analytics, machine learning, and end-to-end traceability.

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An adaptable, scalable and open architecture

Xeotek Enterprise Data Platform (XEDP) is a flexible platform for direct entry into the data-driven world of real-time data analytics and machine learning.

XEDP includes all the tools needed to master typical challenges such as connectivity with existing systems and end-to-end data transparency. Thanks to the consistent use of open source technologies and standards, XEDP can be easily extended and adapted.

Xeotek Enterprise Data Platform addresses the following key challenges:

  • End-to-end monitoring of data (Data lineage / Provenance)
  • Connectivity with existing systems (e.g. SAP systems, databases and more)
  • Centralized data management and analytics
  • Open architecture: no vendor lock-in
  • High-throughput stream and batch processing of large data volumes

Technology that creates new business opportunities

Xeotek Enterprise Data Platform provides the foundation for using the leading edge technologies to create new business opportunities.

XEDP - Machine learning

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

– Predictive maintenance

– Fraud detection

– Cross-selling

– Forecasts

XEDP - Data analytics

Real-time Streaming Analytics

– Real-time billing and reporting

– Edge analytics

– Location-based services

– Personalization

– Anomaly detection

XEDP - Data Lineage

Data Lineage / End-to-End Traceability

–  Compliance

– Batch & process monitoring

– Data ownership

– Data governance and provenance

The technical foundation

Xeotek Enterprise Data Platform consists of several key components and can be flexibly extended according to your needs. For example, Apache Storm, a variety of databases or Apache Kafka can be used in conjunction with the Confluent Platform.

XEDP Platform Diagram

The perfect complement for data-driven platforms

Our software solutions are the ideal complement for all streaming related platforms.


KaDeck is our data hub, providing full end-to-end data traceability, analysis and management. 

KaDeck enables detailled insights into the data flows. As the entry point for your complete development team, your business units and the application operation, KaDeck enables you to trace the origin of data, analyze specific data sets and inject new data into the process chains. This allows you to gain complete control over all data in your company – as part of the Xeotek Enterprise Data Platform or your own data platform.

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Xeotek SAAPIX is our smart data integration solution for SAP systems and Apache Kafka.

Xeotek SAAPIX makes it easy to integrate data from Apache Kafka into SAP FPSL.

SAAPIX enables the integration of data from Apache Kafka into your SAP system. SAAPIX takes over the complete data validation, resolves possible references between data objects coming from different systems and guarantees that only accurate data sets are delivered to your SAP system. Your team can focus on the essential business logic and the technical challenges which come along with the connection of different systems are taken over by SAAPIX.

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